Expertise in conducting due diligence procedures during acquisitions and mergers, evaluating financial data, recovering data, tracing assets.
Deep knowledge of conformity with regulations. We assist clients in adhering to legal requirements and dealing with rules and processes as well as enforcement proceedings.
Since knowledge transfer and sharing are essential to success, Naminum offers training, workshops, meetings with a focus, and seminars as significant services.

Custom Solutions

Individual Investors

Enabling investors and business executives to assess the disclosure provided by the target company and determine whether the investment is sound.

Investment Funds

Minimizes risks connected to trading limits, third-party integrity, corruption, conflict of interest, and other issues to provide the highest deal value.

Risk Analysts

Identifying risk, concerns, and everything of value to our clients while being cost-effective and protecting integrity.

Financial Institutions

Naminum assists regulated non-bank financial institutions and banks in strengthening the efficiency of their anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) compliance procedures.

Professional Services Providers

Naminum collaborates with businesses to analyze enhanced due diligence reports based on core data to find clients at high risk.

State Authorities

Naminum analyzes sizable datasets to spot suspicious and high-risk activity across institutions, allow data exchange and coordination across agencies, and train regulators, FIUs, law enforcement, and prosecutors in sophisticated investigative and legal techniques for complex financial crimes.


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